The Art of Iterate’s #MeaningfulUX

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Clara, Rifqi, Mahisi — November 2021

A purpose is a guiding principle and a fundamental belief that explains the reason why we do what we do. We believe that everything that we create should be driven by a strong one. Therefore, we believe in #MeaningfulUX.

These past couple of years have been known for many things, and the highlight of it all is the ongoing pandemic that is happening around the world. However, it’s a different story with our industry. Everything is now about digital transformation.

Being in the business, we gathered, we brainstormed, we made coffee, we ordered food, we thought hard and deep and we realized what we started in 2009 has now grown and turned into something bigger, and that the world is evolving.

So with everything going on in today’s world, we asked ourselves, “What can we do to push through? What value defines us wholly?”

You see, building a presence in digital is more than just about making innovation; it’s making continuous improvements, it’s creating a meaningful experience. And that, my friends, is the idea that we hold dearly at Iterate.

Bringing #MeaningfulUX to Make Everyone’s Life Better

To have meaning has always been about the purpose of humankind. So to represent that feeling, we’ve created #MeaningfulUX to give a sense of what Iterate is trying to bring to the table. Here we do not only want to help users by creating products, but we also want to reach a point where there’s an emotional significance between our works and the users; because they feel empowered and enlightened.

#MeaningfulUX is a value that shows we can always make an impact and help everyone to have a better life. It’s an effort to fit technology into people’s lives so effortlessly that empowers them to focus on the bigger things in life. We’re proud to introduce #MeaningfulUX and how it has become the value within each team of the Iterate family.

Building digital presence is more than just about making innovation, but also creating a meaningful experience
and continuous improvements.

1. #MeaningfulUX for Our Project Management Team

Within Iterate’s Project Management team, to attain #MeaningfulUX in the work that PMs do, we have to be equipped with 4C.


A manner in which team members must have the courage to guide both client and production to cater to user needs. It requires a high level of leadership skill to show that PM can conduct and lead all internal and external meetings.


Where collaboration among PM, Clients, and Production happens and is a vital point in producing certain outputs, such as the running of internal meetings and workshops in a project, and the making of project timeline which has been agreed upon by each team at Iterate. This also requires PM to completely understand what internal and external users need.

A team attitude to understand user needs and stay committed to the project’s objectives. It’s important to be an effective facilitator in charge of the workshop, or meetings in accordance with the ground rules of the Project Management division.
Continous Improvement
Learning process needs to be conducted in the weekly PM meeting to define learning from each project especially on technical sights, to give us insights into what we can actually improve continuously for current and for future projects.

2. #MeaningfulUX for UXD Team

For the UXD team, #MeaningfulUX is defined as a combination of great product design and a delightful user experience. Hence, we believe in PICTure.

3. #MeaningfulUX for Tech Team

Meanwhile, as for the Tech team, we have what we call iURL to define our version of #MeaningfulUX that we ought to implement in our works.

In which developers gotta stay up to date and implement the latest and most fitting technologies trends in our products. By being innovative, the Tech team is expected to at least have a growing list of the latest technologies we’ll be using, and it’s important to understand the users’ needs regarding the suitable technology for them.
User Driven
Developers need to have extensive knowledge within the scope of implementing technology in a project or a product. Therefore, having a comprehensive understanding of users’ pain points and tech insights is expected, so we can share it all with all teams across divisions since it is crucial in the making of a design and/or product.
The ability to create a reliable application and the ability to protect the privacy and the safety of users’ data is what robust is all about. In realizing a #MeaningfulUX, developers have to deliver, cope with errors during execution and handle erroneous input, and ultimately solve the problems.
Ensuring that the product or application we create is light when being used. This can be done by utilising frameworks or applying clean code so that the program code is easy to read, understand, and be traced for efficiency purposes. Thus, it’s important to make sure the deliverables have been validated with the relevant measurement tools.

4. #MeaningfulUX for Elevate Team

Last but not least, Iterate’s Elevate Team has DISC to embody #MeaningfulUX in every project or product we’re working on.

In the end, to be in a ‘place’ where the result of the design process elevates us — Iterate, we have to go through a journey. To build a relationship with the users emotionally and at the same time opening doors conveniently for everyone, also requires thorough awareness, commitment, and passion. And we feel like nothing can express Iterate more profoundly than the value in #MeaningfulUX that we try to instill in every work we’re doing — the belief that #MeaningfulUX can take us in motion.